One week in Portugal

Portugal is one of my favorite countries in the world. It is my home country and, although  I do not speak the language, the smells and scenery is familiar.

One week in Portugal allowed me to visit:

Lisbon, Fatima, Caiscais, Coimbra, Au Porto.

The key design in Portugal is the blue and white tiles, which is seen in most home decor. Often the motif depicts sea voyage, since Portugal is famous for it’s early maritime discoverers: Magellen, Columbus and Vasco De Gama


Located near the ocean, Portugese cooking involves a lot of Cod fish that is prepared in various ways: breaded balls, baked, grilled


Portugal is known for it’s Fado music which fills the streets of Bairo Alto in Lisbon


Like most Mediterranean countries, houses are light color and line the sea coast.


30510_393312087021_2591613_n (1)



In Lisbon’s Rossio Square, we saw traditional Portugese folk dancers perform


Streets of Estoril, sidewalks are carefully designed mosaics


In the area of Coimbra, there is the garden where prince Pedro would meet Ines de Castro before she was murdered by the prince’s father. When he became King Pedro, he exhumed the body of Ines and made her the Queen. At her Coronation ceremony, he ordered the murderers to kiss her already decomposed hand.


Colorful houses at Au Porto, one of the protected UNESCO site in the Port making region30510_393720912021_6822841_n 30510_393720772021_6303409_n






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