Two Nights in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant and hospitable city in South East Asia. It’s a fluid mix of modern sophistication and local culture.

Wedged between hi-fashion department stores are local street hawkers serving heaps of Thai cuisine or, street merchants selling daily home items.

Located in a tropical region, older houses are low-standing to keep tenants cool during the hot and humid days. Famous bungalows such as Jim Thomosons former house and silk company embodies the traditional Thai architecture.

As a city evolving since its development over a hundred years ago, its rich history and ingrained belief in religion allowed many temples remain intact, coexisting among the modern cityscape. Similar to other ancient cities, the Mekong river was the heart of Bangkoks livelihood by transporting food and goods to households. A glimmer of the past exists in today’s floating market where merchants come on boats to sell their goods to willing buyers.

Traffic in downtown Bangkok


Authentic Thai food at Paragon department store


Street vendors in Bangkok


People asking for blessings from the monks

IMG_3393Floating market an hour away from Bangkok

bkkGetting around in a stylish TuktukIMG_3392




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