Hong Kong Diner

Whenever I am in Hong Kong, I am greeted by an air of familiarity and comfort. After all, this is where I was born and spent my early childhood. Although it isn’t a “new” place to travel, it is a needed break from the daily work-home-hangout routine.

A taste of home goes a long way in strengthening the soul.

Here are some photos of my quick weekend trip, not the typical touristy look-see, but its a slice of home.

Photo below is a typical Hong Kong breakfast with Fried noodles, Congee, Hot milk tea, Chang Fen and during this time, Zong Zi  or Rice Dumplings in season for Dragon Boat festival.



Streets of Wanchai has unique bakeries specializing in assorted sweet breads


Hong Kong also has informal celebrations of international sporting events for expatriates, in this case, the boxing match between Mayweather and Pacqiao



As a cultural city, even Hong Kong International Airport boasts pop-up museum displays. This exhibition features the intricate costumes of Cantonese opera





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