Three Nights in Lijiang

Lijiang is an ancient city nestled at the foothills of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain bordering Sichuan. During the ancient times, Lijiang was the center of silk embroidery and was part of the southern silk route. To date, the ancient towns of Lijiang (Lijiang, ShuHe and Baisha Old Towns) are protected world heritage UNESCO sites

In the past few years, Lijiang has been developing from a sleepy artistic town to being a desired tourist destination. Among the unique B&B scene, there is an influx of giant hotel chains with Banyan Tree being the first market entrant to the Pullman and Grand Hyatt.

Despite being a tourist destination,  it is a scenic environment that is lush and clean. Landscapes are similar to the English countryside. Full of charm and tranquility, you can see many Chinese couples getting their wedding photos taken.

Lijiang is not a stranger to visitors. Lijiang is home to over 25 ethnic minority groups, with the most prominent being the Naxi and their influences are prominent in the daily life. Lovers of music and the forefathers of Chinese classical compositions, Naxi tribe passes the tradition of music to their children. That as well as embroidery.

To date, Naxi music is performed nightly in the old town square. This group of musicians has performed in over 23 countries often for audiences consisting of diplomatic heads of state and royalty.

The band members range from 50 years old to 84 years old. These men has seen China change from the Cultural Revolution, where they witnessed the persecution of musicians/artisans to the economic development of today’s Modern China.

Lijiang cuisine is famous for it’s Salmon. It is raised naturally and the seasoning is very much Sichuan inspired.




Suhe old town square

2015/07/img_2904.jpgSichuan inspired noodles


2015/07/img_3147.jpgDay tripping to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Impressions of Lijiang, a show that is produced by famous Chinese director, Zhang Yi Mou.


Chinese style line-dancing called “Da tiao”


Evenings in the old town 


Lijiang Old City–UNESCO

2015/07/img_3100.jpg2015/07/img_3108.jpg2015/07/img_3113.jpgFood courts offers a vast variety of local eats including beef ribs, mushroom and tofu


  Naxi performance nightly in the old town square


Lush gardens of Shu He Ancient town, Lijiang



Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the horizons





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