Shanghai’s Queuing restaurants

There was a time when a coveted restaurant RSVP waiting period for was weeks, or months. This concept has changed with an upcoming phenomenon called Queuing restaurants, where you are seated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once arriving at the restaurant, you would report to the hostess how many persons would be dining and then, given a table ticket. The wait to be seated can be as fast as minutes or for hours.

Especially in China, most diners pick  their restaurant before getting a ticketbased on popularity and user reviews, especially using smartphone APP like Dianping.

How can you tell if the restaurant is a queuing restaurant? Chances are, if it is located in a shopping mall with a huge crowd in front, 99% chances indicate it is a Queuing Restaurant.


Queuing restaurants are very adaptable to new technology. Diners can use WeChat to get a table number, and to track how many tables are left till their turn!

For my dinner, our wait was over three hours, but the food was worth the wait. Here are some photos and hopefully, your next experience at a Queuing restaurant will be as good as ours. Although it was a memorable experience, it will be my last time as I prefer having a guaranteed set time.

Spicy Clams


Sesame roll


Sweet shrimp




Fried Noodles



Spicy fish head



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