Pilgrimage Explorations: Footsteps of St.Paul

Following the footsteps of St.Paul took our group to Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Viera, Larisa, Kusadasi and Corinth). The trip consisted of 49 pilgrims and three priests. We travelled by plane, bus and boat to see as much as we can and be inspired from the Saint who started off as a persecutor of Christianity to the biggest advocate, whose writings were the biggest part in the New Testament.

He made many journeys during his lifetime and this pilgrimage consisted of the routes during his first and second missions. We saw the places he preached and got a glimpse of Greek Orthadox culture.


In our brief stay, we managed to see another side of the touristic areas. We had an outdoor mass at the place Lydia was baptized and sang with another pilgrimage group from the U.S. This experience prepared us to see where St.Paul was captured in Ephesus.


We also managed to experience mass in the holy place of Kusadasi where the Holy Mother lived before her Assumption.


At the house of Mary, even before it was restored Orthadox pilgrims would come every August 15th during the commemoration of her Assumption for prayer image

Before arriving Patmos, we were given a beautiful seminar on the Book of Revalation, so we can understand more about the message St.John wanted to deliver while he was exiled. And, understanding his use of symbols.


In Corinth we saw beyond the ruins, we saw the place the famous words were delivered, “love is kind..” It is the sort of experience where history and biblical meets for another dimension in traveling.







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