Sustainable choices

Nowadays we are at the pinnacle of a social sharing phenomenon where we use Instagram and other social media site to brag about where we have been, what we eat and where we shop. It’s almost a social media popularity contest for the most likes, forwards and “talking points” which feeds the ego and posts begin to enmasse towards obscene scales of “bigger and better”. With this, even amateur foodies begin to follow the big, bigger, biggest fad.

TV shows like “man versus food” just feeds the phenomenon where dinner portions becomes disproportion rd with food on the super micro or macro scale where, eating has been a dare to be consumed. Sustainability on the part of the restaurant is not applauded but complained by the customer, especially on controlling food waste.

Restaurants fail to highlight the different factors of sustainability. Chefs focus too much on food sourcing and not focusing on “healthy” portions or over-ordering.

Or, customize menus where guests can select half or full order portions, so less food goes to wastage. And, encourage carry-out boxes.


Leftovers from a two-person lunch


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