Beautiful day for a ferry ride

There is nothing more beautiful than the onset of spring. Especially, seeing the sun for the first time after a few days of rain showers. Sometimes, we need to break away from our regular routine and see our environment in a new light. Today was such the case, with my first adventure on a ferry inShanghai.

Departing every 20minutes, the ferry shuttles over the HuangPu River between Bingjiang Avenue in Pudong to the International Cruise terminus in HongKou area of Puxi. For two yuan, a person can skip the traffic jam on the tunnels leading to Puxi and opt for a trip on the river.

Waiting for the ferry to arrive


Sharing the double decker ferry includes bicycles and motorcycle delivery couriers.


Deliveries to Puxi on a ferry


Quick Facts:

Ferry departs daily from 7am to 9pm at the dock of Binjiang avenue near Mandarin Oriental Hotel to Gong Ping Rd near Banyan Tree


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