The Pelikan is the tropical themed Nordic restaurant, the latest addition to the family of restaurants concocted by Mr.Wills. Like all his other restaurants, the Pelikan carries the same cozy and colorful atmosphere with a semi-open kitchen.

Today, we sampled the chefs menu (RMB 286/person). We figured this menu will be a great way to have variety and taste our way around Nordic cuisine. It’s a bit embarssing to admit, the only other “Nordic” culinary experience is twice a year trip to Ikea for the Swedish meatballs.

Course 1: Shrimp tartar with shrimp broth

The texture of the shrimp is very soft, unlike beef tartar, and the flavors are very light. It reminds me of the seafoody or meat jelly served at hotel buffets. Not sure if I like it, or if I am just acclimatizing to the taste.
Course 2: fried squid with greens and cream dressing

The squid is delicately fried, but not overly done. The cream dressing  ties everything together, it’s appetizing to the eyes and also the palette. Taste is still light and the squid is not overpowering the previous dish flavors.

Course 3: Baked Cod with browned butter sauce

Cod prepared with baked apples, horseradish and leek in a cream sauce. The dish has a slightly sweet taste natural flavors of the cod to come out. Hard to resist and you will naturally find yourself wanting to finish the rest of the sauce.

Course 4: Pork Belly with crispy apples, mushrooms and browned butter.

This is my favorite. Not salty, not too sweet, pork belly is tender…it’s like the western version of the Taiwanese “lu rou”. A must have if you order from the a la cart menu.

Course 5: slow braised beef cheek with trumpet mushrooms

Beef is so tender it almost melts in my mouth. Flavor is very light for a beef dish without the heavy seasoning. For those who feel the dish lacks flavor, you can ask for salt.

Course 6: Strawberry shortcake  with white chocolate mousse

If there is a heaven, it has entered my belly. It’s not very sweet, light like a Panna Cotta and the perfect dish to end.

Total verdict:

Scandanavians must have amazing metabolism because there is so much cream and butter in everything!

Taste: mostly on the bland side, unsure if this is true Nordic cuisine or, an interpretation of Nordic cuisine.

Ambience: Cozy, warm and perfect for a date.

Recommend friends: Yes

Price: RMB350 (chef menu plus a drink)


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