Salotto G

Salotto G is a cozy Italian restaurant tucked in a corner on one of Shanghai’s bustling nightlife streets. 


It’s a wonderful location for a date, as there are many bars in the area for after dinner drinks

Interior decoration has all the proper touches needed for a romantic dinner. Cozy sofa, floor to ceiling windows, dark corner seating and soft lighting with a full functioning bar.


Although it’s a restaurant, Salotto G has a full functioning bar, perfect for pre-dinner drinks. 

Their Negroni is one of the best in town. It’s strong but not overpowering, allowing  the orange aroma is able to float though. Absolutely worth the price tag of RMB90.

Another must try at Salotto G is their signature drink, Mr.G.

It is sweeter than the Negroni with an accented citrus taste, off balanced by a cinnamon stick. It’s very girlie drink that can easily be taken as a dessert, with a taste similar to a cross breed of an Appletini and Pina Colada. 


Salotto G is not your typical Italian restaurant. It is tapas styled Italian, so any cravings for a hearty family style meal better be left at the door. 

Dishes are reasonable between RMB45-80, but expect nibble sized portions. If you have a dinner crowd of four, order one of their flat bread pizzas…they look absolutely delicious and filling, starting at RMB60-120 (truffles on truffles).

Recommendations will be the baked mussels with pistachio. 

Must try is the skirt steak. Drizzled with a sweet sauce. The meat is succulent and juicy, with a fullness that reaches the pit of your stomach. 

Another favorite is the baked fish fillet. Light and hearty, the tomatos sweeten the dish to bring out a taste akin to classic Meditteranean cuisine.


Location: Conveniently located for a night out.

Service: Attitude of the waitstaff and bartenders are very pleasant, although not impressive where a lasting memory is created. 

Taste: Dishes in the beginning did not impress and should be opted out of the menu, but the ones that stood out were truly magnificent.

Recommendation: As a light dinner for two, perfect for date night. Not for large groups.


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