Sober Company

When Speak Low, Shanghai’s premier speakeasy (and Asia rated #2 out of 50 top bars) opened new super bar (with a Cafe and restaurant), we were psyched to go. Reviews seemed promising and it seems to be a high end gastro bar which is great because I can have share of nibbles.


Sober Company is located in the former home of members-only club, Volar which was designed by Philip Stark. Its near the entrance of Fuxing Park and Yandang Lu pedestrian way.


To get to the bar, we had to walk through the Cafe, which serves Coffee based drinks.

Once we walked up a flight of stairs, we were in a small room with no more than 10 seats at the bar, one private booth that can sit 6 and three high tables that can seat 10.

We can look at the restaurant through a peep hole, but to get there you would need to walk outside and go through another entrance 



Old Invitation stands out from the menu because of its exhibit at price of RMB180.  It is a beautiful Yamasaki based cocktail with sugar bitters and Yuzu peel. It’s aromatic, smooth to the palette and worth every yuan in one drop.

The second most expensive drink is the God Father III, which is a RMB130 Laphroig based cocktail with apricot brandy and candied prosciutto. It is strong and masculine, just like a real mafioso. 


If you enjoy refreshing, Mamie Taylor is the right pick. It’s made from Dewars and reminiscent of a mule.

Rokin’ Chair is also a refreshing choice that crosses over the fruity aroma of Yuzu and the sweetness of a creme brûlée. 


Blue and Green is a Bacardi based infusion with blue cheese. Considering the bar does not serve food, this drink hits all the right places. The sweetness of the blue cheese masks the strength of the rum.

Americano Americano is a wonderful end to the evening. An espresso drink that’s a beautiful blend of bourbon, Campari and sweet vermouth. It’s smooth and not over powering.

Overall verdict:

Layout: Confusing. Three types of outlets in a building with no clear signage of one place to another.

Food: Aside from the prosciutto in The Godfather and sweet aftertaste from Blue and Green, they have no food or bar snacks. 

Suggest to have wait staff guide guests  to appropriate areas.

Crowd: bar society has a local Shanghainese crowd. So if you prefer a expat scene, this won’t be your cup of tea. 

Cocktails are superbly done, especially if you enjoy complex mixes and aromatic compositions. 


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