Located in a new factory styled space on Changle lu, Tour is an unexpected bar that garnishes surprises with their drinks.


Hungry for those drinks? You can literally eat the menu. See the chutney and nuts? Yeah, I kid you not.


Any well made cocktail is a good cocktail. But what makes a great cocktail is a well balanced blend of interesting tastes. Red Snapper takes it to another level by pairing Shanghai style braised beef to their gin based Bloody Mary. And hells yeah, it’s good. RMB85

Pata Negra includes a piece of Iberico ham to their ham infused bourbon cocktail and bitters. The saltiness of the ham highlights the sweetness of the drink. Strong and musky. A real mans drink.

Rudyard Kipling is a whisky based cocktail that has a underlying hint of vanilla, which comes to life as it’s paired with a slice of banana bread.

Lastly, Citrus Paradisi is a dream for anyone who is enjoys creamy textures with subtle hints of coconut. Paired with vanilla ice cream with homemade coconut shaving, it’s a dessert in your mouth! RMB 80


Mack did a great job setting up this bar and each cocktail pairing  is carefully crafted to highlight the subtle tones of the drink.
Recommend friends: Yes

Environment: small and bland, the magic is at the bar 


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