Recommended by a local friend, this bar concept fuses traditional Thai liquor with cocktails with music and food.

Located in a little alley of Chinatown, it’s a local favorite with few expats or foreigners. 

Yangon is a Thai liquor infused with herbs. And Tep is known for their Yangon cocktails.

Song Kran has a sweet and sour flavor, similar to a passion fruit drink. It’s light and similar to a cranberry vodka.

Pichai Songkram is a milky drink mixed with Yangon, similar to Yakult yogurt drink that goes down smoothly.

Hidden Agenda is a mixed tropical fruit drink that lacks the berriness of Song Kran. It’s tangy for the palette only to be accented with a side or pomegranate.

Rum based Sung Thong is a strong drinj thar tries to achieve complexities in flavors, but end up as a beautiful failure. Maybe it has some traditional Thai infused herbs, but it does not mix well with the rum. It’s flowery scent is eclipsed by the pungent mix of medicinal herbs.


Don’t mind the photo, it doesn’t do the food justice because it’s absolutely delicious. Vegetables are done well and try their tandoor chicken. You can’t go wrong with the sweet and sour spices and chili. 


Recommendation: Yes. Esp if you want to experience the local modern Thai scene.

Drinks: the drinks are simply made and does not have the bells and whistles of an award winning cocktail bar. The drinks are very simple, or at least it tastes that way. 

Atmosphere: A+ for fusing old and new. It’s unique and certainly good to revive traditional elements, it keeps the culture alive 


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