Elephant Retirement Park

As a kid growing up in South East Asia, it was a novelty to go on elephant rides and to see the shows. But, when you think about how unfair it is for the elephants to be entertaining is for up to 10hours a day, it is a miserable environment for these giant creatures. 

The scene from Dumbo, where Dumbo shares a moment with his mom before she is sent away tugs at my heart each time. Also, how the animals are treated makes me feel that a circus life is not a pleasant one.

When it comes to having an opportunity to see an Elephant, seeing them in the most natural surrounding is the most rewarding experience. And the Elephant Retirement Park is the right place to spend quality time with Elephants.

From feeding to mud baths and rinsing, we got to become part of the daily life of these animals. 

Experience nature the way it’s meant to be and visit these parks for an authentic experience.


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