Havana Social Club

Pick up the phone, dial 1940# and step into Havana, Cuba. 

This is exactly what you do to enter one the Cuban inspired speakeasy in Bangkok’s Sathorn district.


Don a hat and make believe you are among the likes of Hemingway. Bar is painted in a deep red with old ceiling motifs of the revolutionary era.

The two story bar also features a cigar room in the second floor, and a bathroom on the third.


A trip to Havana is incomplete without a tribute to Hemingway. The menu is also has two contrasting drinks which is “pre revolution”, which is more floral and citrusy versus. “Revolucion” is stronger with more coconut and chili infusions, without the fancy garnishes.

Light and refreshing, the daiquiri tastes more like a refined cocktail with an added ingredient of egg whites to create a smooth finish. Garnished with a fresh slice of grapefruit, it is a perfect blend of fruity.

This is a Ricardo Robson. A sweet citrus blend of orange liquor, Hisbiscus grenadine, lemon and lime juice highlighted by a honeycomb garnish. 

Coconut Negroni takes a beautiful drink and made it tropical with a coconut liquor. It’s smooth and sultry at the same time.

Bloody Revolucion is a new twist to the classic Bloody Mary. It is lighter than the standard mix, because they use lemongrass to diffuse the heavy taste of tomato sauce that’s usually associated with the drink. 

There is a small snack menu. Perfect for drinking munchies.


Atmosphere: A recommendation for date or double date. The deep shades of red and the Cuban music provides a sultry and sexy atmosphere.

Drinks: The garnishes are fun and quirky for the girls. Standard whisky drinks like Negroni and the Sazerac are well balanced and light on the sugar, so it’s strong and every bit the drink for a strong man

Recommendations: For sure! A must go if you live in Bangkok or, friends to visit. It gets packed later in the evening and expect to wait a few minutes before they open the door after inputting the code. Call in advance to check on the code.


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