Banh Mih

Who doesn’t like the fluffy pillows of bread that holds a scrumptious feast, otherwise known as Banh Mih. When I got word that one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurant opened up a pop up Banh Mih shop, I knew I had to go.

Back story:

I have always enjoyed local culture. So for me, I experienced Banh Mih the right way, when I was in Vietnam.

Banh Mih (the store)

The store is a shared space with a hairy crab vendor, so every year they only get a few months of business, which is fine.


It looks like Banh Mih, but the texture is tougher and resembles a baguette more than the Vietnam version.


Filling is scrumptious and delightful. Favorite is the Xia Xiu Pork (below). Sweet and sour with filling slices of pork that’s a cross between the Cantonese char siu and steak sandwich, it’s amazing.

Finish off with a Vietnam coffee and your meal is complete!


Atmosphere: Good for a grab-n-go lunch. Perfect if you live or work in the area. Not so good if you are looking to chill & down a few beers for the weekend
Taste: Filling is good, bread is still too tough, but satisfactory.

Recommendation: As a quick to-go spot, maybe as a stop over while shopping on the weekend or if you work/live in the area


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