Xinchang trip

Qing Ming Holiday is the beginning of a three month stretch where we have long weekends to travel. Xinchang is a small town in the outskirts of Shaoxing (famous for its yellow wine)

Departing Shanghai for a three day, 2 night journey we will see flower fields, mountain hike and visit the local village.

Day 1: Canola flowers & Peach blossoms

Day 2: Mountain climb & cave repelling

We trekked through the valley where they grow Long Jing tea leaves to begin the track. But it was too steep for me, so I turned around and enjoyed the scenery and had lunch with local tourists.

The food is all fresh from the villagers backyard. Bamboo shoots were crunchy and lighter than the varieties in Shanghai, which can sometimes have too much oil and sauce. It was the perfect day with rice wine and Snow beer

Day 3: Local village

Walking through the local tea making village was an experience. The radio is constantly blaring so there is hardly any silence. Houses are still made from wood. Not a television set to be seen, it is peaceful but there are no young families in sight. 

The trip was a good escape from the Shanghai life and offers a wonderful countryside experience in nature.


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